Confirm your guest is genuine through an effortless experience

Advanced Guest Screening Technology

Screenlyy’s end-to-end guest screening application provides rental hosts and managers with the technology to effectively verify a guests identity and effortless screen a perspective guest. Screenlyy  enable’s short term rental business owners to approve real guests faster, deter fraudulent bookings, attract a better quality guest and reduce chargebacks.

Quick & Easy Guest Verification

Verify the identity of your guest & shield your rental business from the risks of identity fraud and financial crime while building trust in your business.

Robust Global Screening Checks

Screen your guest against global criminal databases and view their previous staying history. Screenlyy provides you with all the information you need to make smarter renting decisions.

Fast Guest Screening Built to Scale

Convert better quality guests faster and easily manage results across your whole rental portfolio with an automated, highly accurate and user-friendly guest screening solution.

View Private Reviews from Other Hosts

Screenlyy Search

A private centralized guest review application for hosts, property managers and establishments across all accomodation channels. Screenlyy empowers rental hosts and managers with the information they need to help assess a guest before they accept a reservation; dramatically reducing the cost and time associated dealing with those guest’s who are a potential risk or liability.

  • Review a potential guest’s previous staying history.
  • Add positive reviews.
  • Report guest incidences.
  • Alert other users of problematic guests.
  • Advise other users of great guests.
  • Help prevent other hosts from potential damage and financial loss due to accepting problematic guests.
  • All guest Reviews are kept private and only available to hosts with Guest permission.

Dramatically Reduce Chargebacks

Instant ID Authentication

Verify your guest and ensure that the person making the booking is who they say they are and that they meet your specific age requirements.

Screenlyy authenticates IDs by applying 50+ forensic and biometric tests, in seconds, utilizing the industry’s largest document library. The library is powered by human assisted machine learning for the highest accuracy.

Comprehensive Global Database

Global Screening Checks

Screenlyy provides one of the most comprehensive global database of Watch-lists, Sanctions and PEPs on the market. We check against over 335 global databases including Interpol, UK crime stoppers and the FBI’s most wanted list, ensuring that you make the right renting decisions.

Screenlyy End-To-End Guest Screening

Why Choose Screenlyy

No Commitment

No monthly minimums required, simply pay as you go or enjoy discounted volumes.

Complete Protection

Screen your guest and insure their stay. Screenlyy provides complete end to end protection.

Global Coverage

A true global platform. From global screening checks to global protection coverage, we have you covered.

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