Keeping Screening Safe & Secure

Guests submit their details directly into the GuestSeek System. Hosts are unable to view any sensitive data, ensuring that their personal information is protected at all times


Screenlyy is compliant with all applicable laws and have taken steps to ensure that we protect the privacy of individuals as a high priority and will continue to do so to ensure such compliance is achieved.

Screenlyy collects information from a variety of sources including our subscribers. All personal information we collect is information that the Person has agreed to provide as outlined in our Acknowledgement Form and Terms and Conditions. Our subscribers are unable to view any sensitive personal information such as Passport or National ID numbers. Screenlyy takes care to ensure that only relevant information is collected. We do not collect or store any personal sensitive information that relates to racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or any other personal private information that breaches global Privacy Acts and standards.

Under no circumstances will we provide or sell your personal information to any third party. The personal information that you provide is only used for identification purposes only.


We have processes in place to ensure the security of all personal information and limitations on access to personal information within our organisation. The personal Information that we collect is encrypted at rest with 128-bit, bank level SSL encryption. Our Servers are automatically monitored 24/7 and have a 99.7% uptime guarantee.

Access to the database is carefully limited to persons with a genuine purpose for consulting the database and who have prior consent by that potential guest to do so. Members’s use of our database is monitored by an internal auditing system. All entries and access to the database are “date and time stamped” including the members IP address and account details. Any misuse of the Screenlyy platform can therefore be traced back to the point of access.

We take extreme precessions to ensure that we do not show any guest information to a subscriber unless that subscriber has been provided that information by the guest and with their consent. To help further protect the identity of the guest we will only ever show partial personal information to the member who has requested the verification and screening.

Compliance And Security Is Our Priority

Keeping It Simple And Secure While Maintaining Legal Compliance

We are focused on compliance with regulating laws and authorities, consumer rights and protections, with training and education for employees and consumers. Through strict guidelines we ensure that we maintain compliance with the Privacy Act and all state laws.

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