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We are a team of passionate hosts, travellers and hard working web developers. The Screenlyy team is guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, driven to create innovative solutions for all hosts and property managers.

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What We Do

Screenlyy is an end-to-end guest screening and verification software solution that empowers property managers and rental hosts with the tools and information they need to help verify and assess a guest before they accept a reservation, dramatically reducing the cost and time associated dealing with those guest’s who are a potential risk or liability.

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Why We Do It

The Screenlyy mission is to provide a safe, secure, affordable, easy to use verification and screening software application that is available to all peer to peer users. With the ultimate goal of providing a safer community built on mutual trust.

We want to empower hosts and property managers with an easy to use service that helps them to verify and identify potentially risky and undesirable guests to ensure that all other guests and hosts have a positive enjoyable renting experience. We want to help eliminate the cost and time involved in dealing with those guests who are a potential risk and liability by providing you with an end-to-end solution that will allow you to access all the information that is required to make a better informed renting decision.

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